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The term of the loan has expired from the first two groups who got a microloan. For these groups the term was a year. In these two groups we experienced starting problems, that is why repayments were not always done in a way we had wished for. Our Tanzanian team worked hard to get the repayments done. They succeeded for a great part. We have learned a lot from this first period, in particular using a more strict selection of the women. Also in the new contracts we will agree on weekly repayment by using Mpesa (a payment system by using your mobile phone). And the new term for a loan will be 6 months instead of a year, with the possibility of getting a second loan, this under strict conditions. There already are women who meet these conditions, so with a second loan they can realize their future plans. (for more information see our annual plan). The team is busy on evaluating these first groups, because of course we want to know if the women indeed did improve their lives.