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About Pamoja Nguvu

How Pamoja Nguvu came to exist

Pamoja Nguvu was founded by Matti Emondts (Chairman), Monique Emondts (website and communication), and Jacqueline de Bruijn (secretary). Together with Fred Arp (treasurer of both Pamoja Nguvu and Happy Watoto), Matti and Jacqueline form the board in the Netherlands. Monique is board consultant (no voting rights).

In Tanzania, our local team consists of Fahtma Mwidanyani (manager) and Irene Peter and Jesca Josephat (both project manager).


Pamoja Nguvu does not operate as a standalone NGO, but as part of the (ANBI certified) Happy Watoto foundation. The administration and bookkeeping are done by Happy Watoto in Tanzania


Pamoja Nguvu operates independently from the Happy Watoto board. Our foundation is responsible for driving the organization and obtaining funds for the microcredits. Happy Watoto remains protected from any financial risks that may occur from the microcredits provided by Pamoja Nguvu.


Through our holistic approach, both Pamoja Nguvu and Happy Watoto are able to operate more efficient and are one step closer to realizing their mutual goal: improving the lives of underprivileged Tanzanians.



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Policy plan

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