Due to corona, it was not possible for the board to visit the project for a long time. It had been two years now, but in October Matti, Monique and Fred were able to go there again. Matti and Monique for teammeetings and visits to the women of Pamoja Nguvu/Together Strong and at the end of October Fred went there for budget discussions and also to visit the women.
We were impressed by the steps the team had taken, they had clearly grown. Fahtma turns out to be a strong manager and the three of them make a good team. We visited about 60 women and it was striking how well our team knows the women they guide. Fahtma, Irene and Jesca visit “their” groups of women weekly for counseling and there was clearly a bond of trust. We saw strong and happy women. They work hard, but the loan from Pamoja Nguvu has expanded their opportunities. Of the latter groups, every woman wants a second loan to make their dreams come true. They are all re-screened for this.