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Meet Janeth

She received a loan from Pamoja Nguvu
from May to September 2019

Janeth Urio

Janeth used her loan to purchase four chickens and a rooster. She started breeding the animals and was soon able to sell many eggs and chickens. She used her profits to send her daughter to college and to purchase a young cow.

Once the cow starts producing milk, Janeth will turn an even higher profit. She is planning to use this money to send both her (twin)sons to high school.

More than a year later, Janeth is eligible for a second loan. She has been able to make her business so successful that she can realize her expansion plans. The cow is now pregnant and gives milk, she will soon be able to sell the calf. Janeth has also bought a goat and can sell goat’s milk. With the new loan she has bought 50 new chickens and will continue to focus on raising chickens and selling eggs and chickens. This has become big business!